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Sushi, Noodles, Grills, Salads, and Delectable Desserts, we’ve got you covered. Just click to order online and we’ll deliver!

Since you can’t “Roll” Up, we’ll Drop it Off!

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and now's the time for you to answer those sushi cravings you’ve been having! Grills, rice bowls, creative salads, burgers, wings, and experimental desserts, we have them ready to be prepped and delivered to you, and they’re all just a few clicks away!
We’re so happy you landed on this specific link, as ordering from it allows us to take advantage of our growing relationship with pesapal and the extremely affordable "low-commission" model they’ve offered us on this new platform. 
Order directly on here and a larger percentage of your money will reach our company, kitchen team, and service members. It will also allow us to provide a better temporary salary allowance for those Yujo Izakaya team members who are trapped at home with their loved ones isolating and staying safe during lockdown.
Bon degustation, or as we say before our meals: ITADAKIMASU!!!
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